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Julong Bird Park

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This amazing bird park is located in Singapore. The Julong Bird Park has one of the largest bird collections in the world with many specimens that can be viewed in extraordinary large aviaries. This video was shot in October of 2009 and features many of the birds from the African and South American collections.(Duration 6:19)


Halloween All Night Milonga


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Sarah La Rocca's "All Night Milonga" fell on October 31st this year (2009) and plenty of Halloween fun was had by all. This video was compiled from the still photos I captured that creepy evening.(Duration 5:11)


Concert Halls of Europe


While these Quicktime movies are not technically movies, they are an interactive way to view images. Place your curser on the image and hold down your mouse to scroll 360 degrees around and 160 degrees up and down to view several of Europe's concert halls. This collection was created during a New York Philharmonic tour in May of 2007.

Filharmonia Narodowa, Warsaw

Palace of Arts, Bartok Hall, Budapest

Konzerthaus, Vienna

Kultur und Kongressentrum am Rosengarten, Mannheim

Alte Oper, Frankfurt

Kolner Philharmonie, Cologne


Graves of Vienna's Famous Musicians


The Grave Sites of Beethoven, Schubert, J. Strauss and J. Brahms

I created this 360 degree interactive photo of the burial sites of four of history's greatest musicians to show just how close they truly are to each other. The grave sites can be found at the Zentralfriedhof of Vienna.


Sailing With Cellist, Carter Brey


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My friend and colleague, Carter Brey, sets sail on his beautiful sloop, the "Dolphine", for an afternoon out of City Island, New York. Music by John Williams and performed by the New York Philharmonic. (Duration 3:01)




Ill Wind

This video was shot on a beautiful autumn day (Fall of 2012) with Carter at the helm of his beloved "Dolphine." The music for this short is titled "Ill Wind" and sung by Dinah Washington. (Duration 3:35)


GoPro Camera on Trombone


Trombone Silliness

Trombone slide POV with my GoPro sport camera yielded a rather silly clip of me playing my new Yamaha Xeno. I don't recommended trying this on music that has faster tempi! (Duration 1:46)


Fort Hunt High School Band 1972


Fort Hunt High School Band, Vienna, Austria

My high school band attended the International Band and Music Festival in Vienna, Austria in July of 1972. A documentary of the festival was made and the Fort Hunt band was featured prominently in the thirty-five minute film.

I have extracted the bits of our band for viewing here (Duration 5:50).


Boating with Joe Alessi

My friend and colleague, Joe Alessi, navigates his power boat around the waters of Manhattan island while we hang on for dear life. The music in this video is from Bach's IV Partita, the Allegro assai, and performed by violinist, Hilary Hahn. (Duration 4:34)


Manhattan - From Stem to Stern


Hurricane Sandy

Hurricane Sandy blew passed New York City leaving subway tunnels filled with water, trees torn up from the roots, houses burned to the ground, and power out for much of the area. The Upper West Side of Manhattan got off with ocassional high winds, moderate rain, and no power outages. Here is a short video showing the view of Sandy from the UWS. (Put on the headphones and crank up some Pink Floyd doing "One Of These Days." (Duration 6:03)


Hurricane Sandy


An Explanation of Peak Oil

Congressman Roscoe Bartlett-a tea party member-of Maryland's 6th Congressional District addressed a nearly empty House of Representatives on the subject of "peak oil" on May 8, 2008. Though I don't subscribe to the Tea Party politics or their philosophy, it is a compelling presentation regarding the inevitability of the world's oil supply eventually drying up. (Duration 47:06)

If you want more on the subject of a world with far less oil and where we may be headed as a nation, try James Howard Kunstler's book "Too Much Magic" published by Atlantic Monthly Press.


Peak Oil